MLM Blessed Everyone in My Life, Not Just Me

Lauren Rosner and Son
Lauren Rosner and Son

About three years ago, I was assaulted. Afer that, I was given opioid pain killers to help deal with the injuries I sustained. The problem was, I became addicted. I didn’t realize how far I had fallen because it happened so fast.

I lost my job, my apartment, and I lost my son. I moved into a tent surrounded by a group of other homeless people. I was scared constantly. I smelled bad, looked bad, and felt even worse on the inside. I was scared and in a very dark place. My life had spiraled downhill and I needed a miracle to save it!

That miracle happened the day Maggie told me she wanted to help me! I now have my own place, clean belongings, and most importantly, my son back in my life! I am learning how to be independent again and regaining my self worth. My parents are happy to have me back.

This me last year and the year before, I was homeless and freezing. Now everyday, I wake up and look around my very own place and at all of the things I now have and I always smile. Sometimes, I cry because I feel so blessed and thankful for everything that Maggie and MLM have done for me and my son.

MLM blessed everyone in my life, not just me. I cannot thank them enough!

– Lauren Rosner

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