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Urban Orchard & Community Gardens

Access to fresh fruits and vegetables is a challenge for some Kansas Citians. To meet that need, MLM is the steward of an Urban Orchard and several community gardens.

MLM is the steward of an Urban Orchard consisting of 108 fruit trees, as well as 36 community garden beds.  Produce is distributed through the MLM food pantry as well as directly to neighboring community members.

Many individual volunteers and volunteer groups care for the trees and gardens. Learn more or sign up to volunteer in this ministry.

MLM’s Urban Orchard and Community Gardens are a true community collaboration. The Orchard was launched in 2012 as a part of the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce’s Urban Neighborhood Initiative. Other active partners include Kansas City Community Gardens, Kansas City Master Gardeners, Giving Grove, the Boston Heights and Mount Hope Neighborhoods, United Way, Kansas City Parks and Recreation Department, SkillBuilders of America, and the Kansas City Water Department.

For more information about the Orchard and Community Gardens, contact Rebecka Noel at rebeckanoel@mlmkc.org or 816-285-3154.

Upcoming Event


Sandbagger is a non-stop, self supported, athletic event that utilizes the lakes, trails, gravel and dirt roads of rural Kansas. The goal of the event is for every person to have a legitimate chance to win with distances and times handicapped to ideally allow everyone to finish each event at the same time. 

The wild tri-event includes: biking, swimming, and running. ALL of the biking and running will be on the incredible gravel in and around Linn County, Kansas. The swimming will be done in the crazy warm spring fed, Sugar Lake.

The annual Sandbagger event will include:

  • Sandbagger Triathlon – Plan for ~3 Hours Total (20 min/130 min/30 min)
  • Gravel Bike Race (Pint) – Plan for ~4 Hours or approximately 70 miles
  • Gravel Bike Race (Half Pint) – Plan for ~3 Hours or approximately 50 miles
Sandbagger’s 2023 Charity of Choice is Metro Lutheran Ministry. If you would like to donate in support of MLM’s Garden and Orchard, please fill out the donation form below. 
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