Rent & Utility Assistance

Community Care

Providing emergency funding for rent or utilities, to help clients weather a temporary crisis and prevent homelessness.

KCMO Rent, Utility, & Mortgage Assistance

3031 Holmes St.
Kansas City, MO 64109

Assistance is limited to ONE month of rent/mortgage/utility assistance for residents of Kansas City, MO. Applications for more than one month of assistance are served in limited capacity pending availability of funds. Applications must be completed online at the link below. Please do not apply if you have received assistance in the last 12 months.

*This month 7/2024, applications will only be accepted for residents of Independence, MO. Please do not apply if you do not live in Indendence, MO.

Clay County Families with Children Rent and Utility Assistance

1100 NE Vivion Road
Kansas City, MO 64118

Household must live in Clay County, MO AND have children age 19 and younger in the household. Assistance is targeted to households experiencing or at-risk of homelessness. Applications will open on the 15th of each month and are limited to 25 per month.  Subject to funding availability.

Johnson County, KS Rent, Utility & Prescription Assistance

MLM has limited funds available for at-risk and homeless households for rent/utility/mortgage/hotel for residents of Johnson County, KS. Assistance with prescription medications, eyeglasses, and other medical supplies is currently available, subject to income guidelines. Contact us at 816.285.3141 with questions.

Wyandotte County, KS Rent, Utility & Mortgage Assistance and COVID-19 Rent / Mortgage / Utility Assistance

722 Reynolds Avenue
Kansas City, KS 66101

Accepting walk-in applications on Wednesdays from 9:00am-11:00am and the 2nd Monday of the month. Currently prioritizing households impacted by COVID-19. Must live in Wyandotte County, KS. Subject to funding availability. Call 913-342-8333 to learn more.

Northland Rent, Utility & Mortgage Assistance

1100 NE Vivion Road – Food Pantry Entrance
Kansas City, MO 64118

Paper applications for one month of general rent, utility and/or mortgage assistance may be picked up in person Monday-Friday, 10-12 or 1-3, or call 816-454-5295 for an appointment for a paper application. Subject to fund availability. 

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