Sharing the Abundance of Our Blessings

David Anderson, MLM President
David Anderson, MLM President

My shout out to an awesome staff at MLM! Can you really believe all they got done in 2020?

56,690 at-risk and homeless individuals received assistance this year.

10,260 households received food assistance from our pantries in KCMO, KCK, and NKC.

1,469 households received gifts from the annual Christmas Store.

$1.6M was provided in emergency rent, mortgage, and utlity assistance.

$1M in PPE was distributed by MLM over 230 metro area non-profits in response to COVID pandemic.

I am truly thankful to have an abundance of talent, wisdom, and thoughtfulness in my fellow board members. This year marks 50 years of ministry of MLM. We will celebrate 50 years of making an impact on Kansas City’s most vulnerable population.

Psalms 107 says “Let us give thanks to the Lord because he satisfied the longing soul and filled the hungry soul with good things.”

Are you satisfied? I mean are you truly satisfied in your life?

I have never found where God or His son, Jesus, speak of scarcity. I only hear them speak of abundance! I admit I have heard Him say he may withhold but that is not because he does not have it.

Whenever you put your mind and heart to the plight of our brothers who truly suffer under the human invention of scarcity, you are doing His will! This last year, your response has shown the loving light of God to so many in need!

Sharing the abundance of our blessings is what MLM is all about!

– David Anderson, MLM President

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